The First Gold Replica Omega Speedmaster Was Refused By American President

Now, we almost can not see the yellow gold Omega Speedmaster super clone watches, while in the past, Omega launched several gold Omega Speedmaster watches, still can be seen in the past Advertisement. However, do you know the first gold Omega Speedmaster watch in the Omega history?

That is the red bezel luxury fake Omega, with the red bezel, tachymeter function and chronograph function, which totally produced 1014. At the dinner on November 25, 1969, in Warwick hotel Houston, 26 of them were given to NASA’s Apollo astronauts. And the number 1 and 2 were given to President Richard Nixon and vice President Spiro Agnew. Just for the high price, Nixon refused to accept.

In my opinion, to be honest, even today, this gold dial fake Omega for sale is still very eye-catching. 18K yellow gold material case and the brushed bracelet are all very qualitative, and also matching the red tachymeter bezel neutralizing the luxurious of gold watches, more elegant.